Women’s dance of the Tammuriata

The dance of the Tammuriata belongs into the family of Italian Tarantella dance and more precisely Mediterranean folk dance. Probably of Hellenic or elder origins.

The tammuriata its a rigid to people dance, couples or not. Based on rythmic and large movements. Its divided in several categories but all include the tamorra (drum) and a vocalist. In some versions like the tammurriata dell’avvocata it resemble a warrior dance. With specific movements designed to both fit in war and on a dance scene.

The dance is not gender specific, so it means everybody can dance it despise gender, age, size, social class etc.

The two young women performing the Tammuriata. Pay attention to the grace and vibe they express in their movements, at time rigid at times soft and sensual. At a certain point they seem to make love with the music and dance.


About EUSSR Plutocratic Kommissar

Greetings from the EUSSR Plutocracy. Little about me, I love hot potatoes, Lasagna, girls, dancing under the table and Capuccino. I have large variety of interest that goes from videogames, to movies, to politics to history, science, spirituality and I collect fossiles. Yes that's it.
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