Ancient Sardinian Shamanic dance.


Mamutzones di Samugheo


Mamutzones are a central figure in the carnival of Samugheo. The Mamutzones declare its arrival at twilight time, dressed in goat skin, face painted black and with a horn hat. The move rhythmically along the bells attached to their back. A tradition lost in the 50’s but rediscovered in the 80’s. The origins goes back to pre-roman times. Probably connected to the Dyonisus cult. Following another hypothesis this is a fragment of ancient Mesolithic/Neolithic hunter rituals based on the impersonification of animals and noise making, perhaps connected to fertility and or to cast evil spirits out of the village.


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Greetings from the EUSSR Plutocracy. Little about me, I love hot potatoes, Lasagna, girls, dancing under the table and Capuccino. I have large variety of interest that goes from videogames, to movies, to politics to history, science, spirituality and I collect fossiles. Yes that's it.
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