The shocking meaning of row row row your boat.

I admit I didnt see this coming. Much wisdom from drunk men.


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Crumbs from the old world: The Sami

The Sami people are a native population in the far north Europe. They live in Norway, Sweden, Russia (Kola Peninsula) and Finland. They moved in Scandinavia around 12-8000y ago late Paleolithic early Mesolithic.

The interesting part is they still incorporate in their rich culture fragments of their past. Although they have gone through forced christianization, discrimination and forced integration they managed to survive. Sadly modernization and modern corporations are threatening their way of life with deforestation that ruin their natural habitat.

They have elements of matriarchy in their social structure as the famous Sami writer wrote [cit] “In the traditional Saami society, the way of grandmothers dominate. In the reeindeer economy it is very clear that an elderly woman holds the household together and decides what should be done. She decides particularly the marriages and clothing.”  N-A Valkeapää, Saami writer and singer

In their traditional ancient religion the principal gods in their ancient pantheon are all females even the sun.

    • Maderakka, the first Akka, was mother of the tribe, goddess of women and children, she who gives humans their bodies; women belong to her and boys belong to her until they were declared men. Maderakka is popular among modern Sámi feminists.
    • Maderakka’s three daughters:
      • Sarakka was the goddess of fertility, menstruation, love, sexuality, pregnancy and childbirth and the most important goddess.
      • Juksakka “Akka with an Arrow” – the protector of children
      • Uksakka – she shapes the fetus in the mother’s womb and assigns humans their sex.
    • Raedieahkka – Wife of Radien-attja.
    • Jabme-Akka, “the akka of the dead,” is a goddess of the underworld. Spirits of lost babies are soothed and comforted by her, but all other spirits dwell in sorrow. The land of the dead is said to be a mirror of the land of the living where everything is the opposite. So, the dead are buried with the essentials of living (e.g. knives) and anything that would make their afterlife better.
  • Beaivi – goddess of the Sun, mother of humankind. […]


Akka is a female spirit in Sami shamanism and Finnish mythology. Worship of the akka was common and took the form of sacrifices, pleas for help and various rituals. Some Sámi believed the akka lived under their tents. As with other gods, the name appears within some geographical names, leaving a legacy of Sami presence.

Between their ancient tradition still present the most notable is the Joik.

The Joik, one of the oldest song traditions in Europe, is alive and well. A joik is dedicated to a person, an animal or a place, and the harmonies reproduce the qualities of the object of the song. If you would like to chat someone up, try “joiking” him/her – it has quite an effect! Since ancient times, Joiking was especially practiced by the Noiads, Sami shamans, intermediator with the underworld and the gods.


Joik dedicated to the sun Goddess.

Joiks are amazing look for more on Youtube or buy them.


19617dea830e77b5b61a33836bb20d56.jpgarp1.jpg 251262616.jpeg

Few pics on the Sami people.

A gracious Sami song, Lahppon by Sara Inga and Ante Utsi.

pics Google. Source Wikipedia

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The end of old Europe, the old world.

Clip taken from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, Conan the Barbarian (1981)

In this scene we see the raiders of doom. Attacking Conans village.

This is one of the way old Europe could have ended. Please ignore the technological discrepancies and the theatrical acting. Pay attention instead on the village. Its open, no walls, people just minding their everyday rutine.

Now the war band. People of different ethnicity, I see semites, steppe people, (proto) Celts, Germans etc. They ride horses, hierarchical, armed, armor, standards, bloodthirsty. Crashing into the village killing everything that stands in the way.

Pay attention to Conans mother. Her only tough is her child, and she will do everything she can to protect him.

Is this old clip a plausible way on how Neolithic Europe ended? how the culture shift happen? please again ignore the technological anachronism and focus instead on the scene and what happen. Look at the surroundings.

part 1

part 2

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The man who saved the world

If you are alive today its because of this man (I have to point out this is a rhetorical statement) Stanislav Petrov. In 1983 he prevented a full scale Nuclear war by being smart.

A comment I like from YT.

How amazing must it be to be able to say “I saved the world”. You can die happy with that because no matter what mistakes you make, you saved the world. That’s incredible.


Incredible indeed, we are all alive today because of him.


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Roman hero, when everybody run he stayed behind.

When Mount Vesuvius erupted 2,000 years ago, its victims were caught fleeing from its fury. Except for one soldier – his skeleton was found facing the volcano.

This man deserve recognition

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Women’s dance of the Tammuriata

The dance of the Tammuriata belongs into the family of Italian Tarantella dance and more precisely Mediterranean folk dance. Probably of Hellenic or elder origins.

The tammuriata its a rigid to people dance, couples or not. Based on rythmic and large movements. Its divided in several categories but all include the tamorra (drum) and a vocalist. In some versions like the tammurriata dell’avvocata it resemble a warrior dance. With specific movements designed to both fit in war and on a dance scene.

The dance is not gender specific, so it means everybody can dance it despise gender, age, size, social class etc.

The two young women performing the Tammuriata. Pay attention to the grace and vibe they express in their movements, at time rigid at times soft and sensual. At a certain point they seem to make love with the music and dance.

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Ancient Sardinian Shamanic dance.


Mamutzones di Samugheo


Mamutzones are a central figure in the carnival of Samugheo. The Mamutzones declare its arrival at twilight time, dressed in goat skin, face painted black and with a horn hat. The move rhythmically along the bells attached to their back. A tradition lost in the 50’s but rediscovered in the 80’s. The origins goes back to pre-roman times. Probably connected to the Dyonisus cult. Following another hypothesis this is a fragment of ancient Mesolithic/Neolithic hunter rituals based on the impersonification of animals and noise making, perhaps connected to fertility and or to cast evil spirits out of the village.

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